straford place homeowners association

The Stratford Place Homeowners Association was incorporated on May 5,1975. The articles of incorporation specify that each homeowner is entitled to membership. Where husband and wife are the homeowners, they shall be entitled to one vote per household. The officers consist of a president, vice-president, and secretary-treasurer, all of whom are ex officio members of the board of directors. Officers are to be elected annually and no person is eligible to hold more than one office. Four additional members are to be elected annually to the board of directors. The board has the power to make, alter and annul by-laws, rules and regulations for the government of the corporation as it may deem proper.

At all elections and meetings, each member household whose dues are paid for the current year is entitled to one vote and a majority of such members in attendance shall decide all elections or any questions coming before any such meeting. The Stratford Place Homeowners Association is a member of the Federation of Civic Associations of Greater Baton Rouge.

Assets of the Corporation include the large entrance sign, deeded to the Association by Burk Development Company, and cash in the bank from annual membership dues collected. Annual dues of $30.00 go toward maintenance of the entrance area, electrification of the sign, Federation dues, membership meeting expenses, printing of the newsletters and directory and other expenditures pertinent to the betterment of the subdivision and approved by the Board. No expenses for social events are paid from dues collected. These costs are met by individuals participating.

A copy of the subdivision restrictions or the Articles of Incorporation may be obtained for the cost of duplication. The Board will be glad to provide additional information about the restrictions.